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Robotics in Construction Seminar for UIUC Engineering Freshmen

RAISE Lab conducted an engaging seminar for first-year Civil and Environmental Engineering students at UIUC. This session was designed to provide essential knowledge and practical, hands-on experience with cost-effective robotics technology specifically tailored for use in the construction industry.

Immersive Educational Laboratory Experiences for K12 Students

RAISE Lab has offered several lab tours for K12 students and teachers to provide them with hands-on research experience and state-of-the-art research.

Millennium Scholars Program

The Penn State Millennium Scholars Program is designed for high-achieving STEM students who will become leaders in their chosen fields and are committed to increasing the diversity of professionals in STEM-related disciplines. RAISE Lab has helped scholars obtain the information and opportunities to work in research laboratories on campus.

Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (PACE)

RAISE Lab has run roundtable discussions and workshops with academic and industrial partners to explore recent developments in automation and robotics and their potential applications in the construction industry.

Centre County 4-H (CC4H) Robotics

RAISE Lab hosted the CC4H Robotics 22-23 season orientation. CC4H Robotics is a STEM organization located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, which offers programs for 4th-12th grade kids from across the county.

Summer Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)

RAISE Lab has hosted several K12 teachers from across the country as a part of the RET program, focusing on engaging teachers in cutting-edge research, collaborating with renowned scientists, and igniting their passion for innovation while enhancing their teaching skills.