Robotic, Automation, and Intelligent Sensing 

 (RAISe) in construction

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The Robotic, Automation, and Intelligent Sensing (RAISE) Lab at The Pennsylvania State University is committed to (1) conducting cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research on automation, robotics, and sensing for construction industry and infrastructure systems management; (2) provide high-quality education to create a creative, rigorous, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural educational environment for students; and (3) offer technological advancements that can benefit the industry.


Particularly, RAISE Lab is interested in promoting safe construction sites and productive and healthy workers through interactive uses of automatic data acquisition, simulation tools, and data analysis via signal processing and machine-learning algorithms. RAISE Lab envisions safe, manageable, automated, robot-integrated, trackable, connected construction sites, built environments, and smart cities to enhance construction workers, users of infrastructure, and citizen health, productivity, and safety



Houtan Jebelli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,

Architectural Engineering Department,

The Pennsylvania State University

Director of Construction Robotics, Automation, and Intelligent Sensing Lab

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Houtan Jebelli, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering and an Affiliate of the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan. He received his bachelor′s degree in Civil Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic University and an MSc in Structural Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology. Dr. Jebelli completed a second MSc in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While pursuing his Ph.D., he received his third MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Jebelli is the Director of the Robotic, Automation, and Intelligent Sensing (RAISE) Lab. Dr. Jebelli's research group at Penn State explores novel approaches that infuse human physiology into robotic control and motion planning system to augment awareness and adaptation between workers and robots. His team's other thematic priorities involve physiological computing for construction automation and safety, physiologically-enabled health monitoring of construction workers, brain-driven approaches for teleoperation, and personalized worker-robot collaboration and co-adaptation at construction sites. He has received several awards and fellowships, including the Charles M. Eastman Top Ph.D. Paper Award, two Outstanding Thesis Awards, the Rackham Research Grant, the John L. Tishman Fellowship, and the Calvin C. Solem Foundation Fellowship. He serves as a reviewer for a number of journals and symposia and is an active member of professional communities like the ASCE Data Sensing and Analysis (DSA) and ASCE Visualization, Information Modelling, and Simulation (VIMS) committees.

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Yizhi Liu
Ph.D. Candidate

Research Topic: Human-robot collaboration in construction

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Lorena Ribeiro
Lorena Ribeiro
Master Student

Research Topic: Application of artificial intelligence and robotics in the construction industry

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Amit Ojha
Ph.D. Candidate

Research Topic: Addressing the cultural challenges of emerging technologies in the construction industry; application of emerging technology for enhancing STEM students teaching and learning

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Madeline Breneman
Schreyer Honors Master student

Research Topic: Construction robotics

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Shayan Shayesteh 2 9353.jpg
Shayan Shayesteh
Ph.D. Candidate

Research Topic: Applications of immersive technologies for human-robot teaming training

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Jerome Jackson
Undergraduate Student

Research Topic: Wearable sensors for workers health monitoring

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Jacob Ringer
Undergraduate Student

Research Topic: Construction automation and robotics

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K12 Teachers and Students
Michael Lowry
Visiting K12 Teacher

Research Topic: Immersive technologies​

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Philip Wood
Visiting K12 Teacher

Research Topic: Virtual reality and robotics​

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Ken Yoshida
Visiting K12 Student

Research Topic: Robotics

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Research Topic: Construction automation and robotics; Virtual and augmented reality for construction safety training

Current Position: VDC Researcher at Turner Construction

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Dr. Mahmoud Habibnezhad
Postdoctoral Scholar
Shahrad Shakerian

Research Topic: Digital twin-enabled facilities maintenance management through the integration of artificial intelligence and sensory-level data

Current Position: Data Scientist at Lowe's

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Yumna Kurdi
(Co-supervision with Dr. Asadi)
Research Topic: A co-simulation and optimization of PV system design, building geometry, and layout at the urban scale

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Jonathan Seagers
Master's Student

Research Topic: Immersive technologies in the construction industry; Human-robot collaboration for the construction industry

Current Position: Project Engineer at Southland Industries

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Deborah Armstrong
Visiting K12 Teacher

Research Topic: Robotics​

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Milad Sadat Mohammadi
(Co-supervision with Dr. Asadi)
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Research Topic: Intelligent energy management in residential and commercial buildings; Machine learning in energy systems; Energy storage technologies; Renewable energy sources.

Current Position: To be Updated

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